# How to contribute

The Rari Capital DAO is a community-run protocol that utilizes contributors to push the protocol forward. This could be affiliated products, integrations, and so much more. Let's build together!

We'd like to be able to accommodate persons with varying skillsets, backgrounds and time commitments they can make, as long as they can meaningfully further the vision of this DAO. Here are the ways you can contribute.

  1. Spread the word about us, the opportunities we offer or the products we work on.
  2. Provide feedback on Forums (opens new window) and Discord (opens new window).
  3. Become a delegate (opens new window) for Rari Capital DAO on-chain governance.
  4. Become a part-time contributor to the DAO by working for a grant. We are looking for a variety of roles, both technical and non-technical. Please see Grants and onboarding (opens new window) to know what we're looking for. You are also welcome to propose your own work for a grant.
  5. Become a full-time contributor to the DAO. Completing a grant successfully is a route to full-time onboarding. Please check Grants and onboarding (opens new window) for more.
  6. Form or affiliate your own team (taskforce) with the DAO, and work on your own product with our support and resources. Please contact us directly to discuss the same in our Discord (opens new window).