# Frequently Asked Questions

# What is Rari Capital?

We are a DeFi protocol that allows you to lend, borrow and earn yield on your crypto assets through our own protocol and autonomously maximizing cross-platform yield with protocols such as Compound. We do the work for you. We were founded on the philosophy of providing users safe, non-speculative options to increase returns within DeFi. Currently, even with our more speculative options, we provide risk assessment (risk and safety scores) to help everyone make informed choices when deploying their capital. In addition to stablecoin and ETH pools, our Fuse product enables customizable pools based on risk appetite and we provide a Pool Risk Score for each.

# Has Rari's Protocol Been Audited?

We have a long-term relationship with and receive regular audit reports from leading security firm Quantstamp (opens new window). Our Stable and ETH Pools interact only with audited contracts. Our Yield Pool may interact with unaudited contracts. We have also worked with other top auditing firms including OpenZeppelin. Please see the Security (opens new window) section of the documentation for more information.

# Feedback & Support

The Rari Capital contributors are always available to help you on our Discord or by email: