# Organization and governance

Rari Capital DAO is in the process of changing its organizational structure and governance. We envision a structure that ensures sufficient efficiency and scalability, while maintaining creative freedom for its members. For more details on this vision, check out these resources.

At a high-level, the Rari Capital DAO is governed by its community of RGT holders. All members are responsible for providing the vision and goals for Rari, and for interacting with its active contributors to help build this vision. Contributors are organized in the form of independent working groups called taskforces, as outlined below. If you'd like to know how you can contribute, click here (opens new window)

# Organization structure

Contributors to Rari are organized in the form of taskforces. Each taskforce is an independent working group, with its own specified objective or vision. Taskforces have a large degree of autonomy in terms of how they spend their resources, how they hire and collaborate with contributors, what decisions they take to achieve their vision and so forth. Taskforces periodically report their progress to the DAO and request resources if needed.

# Current taskforces

  • Infrastructure taskforce: Building the most robust underlying lending and borrowing protocol and setting up the proper infrastructure to enable it to thrive without the infrastructure team. Coordinators: Jack and Samuel
  • Market XYZ taskforce: Building a front-end and business for the Rari Protocol that are accessible to all. Exploring some more exotic use cases of the underlying protocol (ie idea markets). Emphasis on Layer 2. Coordinators: Rahul and Erik
  • Generalized applications taskforce: Building out integrations and applications on top of the Rari Protocol. In early stages. Coordinators: David, Jai, and Ben

See How to contribute.

# Community governance

Governance includes both an on-chain and an off-chain component. Consensus amongst community members is often formed off-chain, therefore we place significant importance on ensuring robust processes for the same to develop. The DAO will host regular community calls, and maintain social channels such as discord and the forum where various members can express their opinion. Each taskforce will additionally have their own way of communicating with the community, and onboard more active contributors.

See how to Make a proposal.

# On-chain governance

On-chain governance is controlled by RGT token holders through GovernorBravo (opens new window), a simple but powerful governance system forked off Compound. Delegation of votes is supported.

Governance UI - Tally (opens new window)

On-chain governance is responsible for setting critical parameters in various Rari Capital products, managing contract interactions and upgrades, and allocating resources to the taskforces. On-chain governance may also delegate certain non-critical functions to other multisigs or DAOs. For a detailed overview of the scope of on-chain governance, see on-chain governance and upgradeability (opens new window).

# Additional resources

  1. Version 2 - the Future of Rari Capital DAO (opens new window)