# On-chain governance and upgradeability

On-chain governance is controlled by RGT token holders through GovernorBravo (opens new window), a simple but powerful governance system forked off Compound. Delegation of votes is supported.

Vote or delegate:

Governance UI - Tally (opens new window)

# Making a proposal

Please see the article on Making a proposal.

# Governance parameters

Verify on-chain (opens new window)

proposalMaxOperations = 10
proposalThreshold = 65,000 RGT
quorumVotes = 400,000 RGT
votingDelay = 13140 blocks = 2 days approx
votingPeriod = 19710 blocks = 3 days approx

# Roles

Here is a list of contracts and roles controlled by this contract:

  • .

We also retain the following multisigs with the following roles:

  • .