# Pool2

# Decentralized Exchange Liquidity Incentives

The Rari Capital DAO is incentivizing decentralized exchange liquidity of RGT on Sushiswap (opens new window). Once you stake both RGT and ETH on Sushiswap in the RGT-ETH Pool (opens new window), you can stake your SLP tokens on the Pool2 dashboard to earn RGT rewards.

# How to Deposit

Step 1: Connect a Wallet

The Rari Capital ecosystem currently supports MetaMask (opens new window), WalletConnect (opens new window), Portis (opens new window), Torus (opens new window), Formtatic (opens new window), and Authereum (opens new window). If you do not have a wallet, we recommend you refer to this guide (opens new window)for MetaMask (opens new window). Users can connect their wallets by selecting the "Connect Wallet" button on the Rari Capital Pool2 Portal (opens new window).

Step 2: Choose RGT-ETH Pool

Once connected, users can now deposit their Sushi LP Tokens by pressing the Deposit button.

Step 3: Track Your LP Position and RGT Rewards

Once you have deposited into Pool2, you will now be able to view your balance and RGT available to be claimed

# How to Withdraw

Step 1: Choose RGT-ETH Pool and Withdraw SLP

Once connected, users can now withdraw their Sushiswap LP Tokens by pressing the Withdraw button and can claim RGT rewards by pressing Claim RGT.