# Security

Securing all Rari Capital products is the most important aspect of this protocol's development process. All code is thoroughly tested and audited before public deployment. Contributors to the protocol care deeply about the code that they produce and proceed through all safety measures before releasing products to our users.

As always, DeFi is experiential technology in the financial sector and you should always do proper research and make your own decisions before interacting with a protocol under Rari Capital.

# Smart Contract Audits

The Rari Capital products have been audited by Quantstamp (opens new window),Omniscia (opens new window),and OpenZeppelin (opens new window). (Some reports are not public yet, but will be shared soon once finalized.)

  1. Rari Capital Yield Aggregator V1 by Quantstamp (opens new window)
  2. Rari Capital Yield Aggregator V2 by Quantstamp (opens new window)
  3. Rari Capital Fuse by Quantstamp (opens new window)
  4. Rari Capital On-Chain Governance by Quantstamp (opens new window)

# Bug Bounty Program

The Rari Capital DAO has partnered with Immunefi to host a bug bounty program for all of the Rari Capital protocol smart contracts. (opens new window)

No KYC is required to earn up to:

1. $250,000 for a critical severity issue

2. $100,000 for a high severity issue

3. $50,000 for a medium severity issue

4. $10,000 for a low severity issue

# Safeguarded Launches

Security and risk management has and will always be a top priority at Rari Capital. Following a guide outlined by Ken Deeter (opens new window), we have ensured that every single new product follows our safeguarded approach. The following attributes promote our care towards safety of all our users and ecosystem members:

  • Assessing each underlying protocol prior to integration (link to assessment framework here (opens new window))
  • Deposit limit scaling up over time
  • Transparent posts
  • Open source
  • Community focused
  • Veteran contributors in crypto and DeFi
  • Audits

Every product that launches under Rari Capital goes through its own version of a guarded launch. This has been brought to life from deposit and borrow limits in both the Yield Aggregator and Fuse, and we will continue to slowly unveil all of our upcoming products with safety always top of mind.